Our Story

Larry & The Pour Boys are combination of several local bands from Northern Colorado. Rick Polichio (Drums) and Aaron Rea (Guitar) hail from the band "20 Years Late" a classic rock band that continues to perform across Northern Colorado playing great Rock-N-Roll. Check them out their fantastic.

Larry & The Pour Boys began to get together to write music in the summer of 2015 at a rehearsal location in North Fort Collins. Having completed an albums worth of original material, the band began recording their originals in January of this year. Check out our originals on this site. 


Kyle Fritzler - Bass Guitar/Vocals

When did you first realize you were a Bass Player
"I was a power chord guitarist killing it on Rock You Like a Hurricane. Had a drummer and his buddy came in to jam. He knew      
 chords so I started meandering through the bass neck. Have loved it ever since"

What are some Notable Bands you've played in?
"I was the 37th drummer in Kiss. And the 29th guitarist in Megadeth, I also played in the band Who Brought Larry."

What is something quirky about yourself?
"I am often wrong about liking the flavor of straight whiskey"

Who are your Influences
"Some say I carry an eclectic iPod collection, I just like what effects me.  But 70's funk is what I wish I could emulate"

Aaron Rea - Lead Guitar/Vocals

When did you first realize you were a guitarist?
"I Wanted to play guitar after hearing "Beautiful Girls" in 1979. (8 years old). Finally got my first guitar at age 13. Haven't quit since. "

What are some Bands you've played in?
"Nothing notable... In the 80's, I fiddled around in few no-namers. I spent a lot of time alone learning to play. (Guitar) The only real bands I've played in are 20 Years Late, and the soon to be big...L.P.B."

Tell us Something quirky about yourself?
"I'm still just a big kid. One of my favorite things to do during free time is play video games. I've been a gamer since the Atari days."

Who were your Influences?
"My influences growing up were Elvis, Van Halen, Tesla, Boston, Steve Vai, Satriani, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Dokken, White Lion, Zeppelin, etc. etc. More recently...Joe Bonamassa and Buckethead have joined the ranks." 


Rick Polichio - Drums/Vocals

When did you first realize you were a drummer?
"I first realized I was a drummer in 4th grade when I was playing sax. It was funner to hit than play."

What are some Bands you've played in?
"In the 80's I played in bands Trixter and Zlotz. Most recently I played in 20 years L8."

Tell us Something quirky about yourself?
"I love anything Broncos, hanging out with family and eating good food."

Who were your Influences?
"Growing up the first bands I listened to were, Journey, Boston, foreigner, Rush, Zeppelin. I think they all influenced me in some way or another."

Larry Mortensen - Guitar/Vocals

When did you first realize you were a Guitarist/Vocalist?
"I don't think I have figured that out yet. I started as a drummer in rural South Dakota where there weren't a lot of musicians. I typically ended up playing what was needed. I love playing guitar and it is easy enough to play and sing so I guess Im a guitarist/singer?"

What are some Bands you've played in?
"My first band was called Scary Larry & The Heavy Equipment. In the 80's I was on the road with a band called Shy Boy. I also played in a band called Mr. Hand who did a few albums in the 90's. Somehow my name always seems to inspires a band name because most people named Larry don't play in a band. Other iterations of bands I have played in include Who Brought Larry."

Tell us Something quirky about yourself?
"I enjoy smearing chip dip on my pizza and though I have never seen it, I think Sharknado maybe the funniest movie ever!"

Who were your Influences?
"Rush, Van Halen, Def Leppard, Barry Manilow, Stryper, Pearl Jam, Sound Garden, Honeymoon Suite, Gin Blossoms, Gear Daddies, So many so little space....."